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- Vanessa Calafiore


In producing the series, Vanessa demonstrates her commitment to spreading the message of self-belief.  The intention of this series is to emphasise that any obstacle can be overcome with determination and encourage viewers to recognise their own boundless potential. This is accomplished by embracing the "I Got This" mindset—a mantra that is the guiding force throughout the series to persevere and conquer challenges. Additionally, the series takes on the task of redefining preconceived notions about people and their capabilities.

Vanessa’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that our choices and sense of self-worth play a crucial role in shaping our path, acting as an inspiration for others to unearth their own sense of self-belief.

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Vanessa's journey is a testament to resilience and the unwavering choice to rise above life's challenges. Born with a disability and navigating through abuse, PTSD, disordered eating, and depression, she exemplifies a remarkable ability to overcome adversity. This profound experience has played a pivotal role in inspiring the creation of the "Here We Go" web series. 


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