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"We first met Vanessa at the casting call for Ego Expo. She introduced her self on the mic by saying, “I’m not here because of my disability. I want to be here because I am hot!"

Raq and I instantly cheered, looked at each other, and put a circle next to Vanessa’s name - which on that day was the secret code for the models we want to work with. I often say the one thing I look for in my models is their vibe - I look for a person who chooses themselves, and Vanessa has this in spades. She’s here to be her.

When I next met Vanessa it was at the Ego Expo VIP industry party and she was the realest in the room. I feel comfortable and safe talking to her, and that night I made the decision that the most important prerequisite for anyone I work with is that they are a nice person.

I think what Vanessa is doing is ground breaking. In terms of setting yourself free, she is one of the free-est. By setting herself free she will no doubt be freeing countless others. She is a trail blazer for helping people accept themselves, and we at MEW are truly honoured that we get to help her do that. True to her opening message, she’s not just a great role model (for literally everyone) but a great model. She’s a pleasure to work with."
- MEW (Fashion Label)
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